Marking Guidelines on the New Accuquilt GO Rick Rack Die

I recently got the new Accuquilt GO Rick Rack die and when I got ready to fold fabric to make a long piece of rick rack, I wasn’t sure that the hills and valleys would come out even. So, I marked mine with Sharpies. Here’s a video showing exactly how it was done and why.

14 Replies to “Marking Guidelines on the New Accuquilt GO Rick Rack Die”

  1. Great tips Marjorie ! I marked mine with a felt to outline the shapes, but like you idea of using a second color to make placement lines – excellent idea !

  2. Thanks for the video tips on the rick-rack die. I’ll bet they’ll work on other dies too. I get email from Accuquilt already.

  3. Came across your blog on the accucutquilters group.The rick rack die looks really interesting.
    I already receive the accuquit emails.

  4. Oh, how I would love to win this for my BFF (44 years!) so we can Go! (Baby) together.

  5. Very interesting .. That’s a die I dont have yet. I am already registered with Accuquilt….

  6. You sure are one talented lady. I would love, love, love to win, of course, as everyone else. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

    Carly in SC

  7. Marjorie, thank you for a great video. That’s another die to add to my long list 😉

  8. Thank you so much for doing this tutorial, Marjorie. I just bought this die and it will help me when I finally get to use in in my quilting!

  9. Thanks for the video instructions on using the rick rack die, Marjorie. That’s one that I don’t have yet, but will now put on my wish list.

    Also have to thank you for your blog. I always check it for all the great info you give.

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