Sashing Quilt Blocks with the Rick Rack Die

This rickrack die is absolutely fascinating. I wanted to see what would happen if I added rickrack to the sash of a quilt. Recently I bought a great novelty print that was meant to be a soft book. The soft book prints often make great baby quilts. But in order to add a little pizzazz, it’s nice to do something special in the sash or the border when using this kind of novelty print. Thus, the experiment with the rickrack die.

It took a little time to realize that it was important to have the curves turned in the right direction. The first image is the EQ7 rendering and the second is the actual quilt top that I put together. If you watch the video, you will see how I marked the die to make sure that I had a curve in the exact middle of each sash strip.

RickRack layout for sashed blocks
Rick Rack Sash quilt with novelty print

6 Replies to “Sashing Quilt Blocks with the Rick Rack Die”

  1. I wanted to watch the sashing with rickrac video…but it didn’t work. I do LOVE the die. and YES I wanna enter the contest and I am already signed up at Accuquilt!! Love my Go!

  2. What a fun idea. Wonder how hard it would be to use this die with 2 different colors so you pieced this zig zag……..The baby quilt look great

  3. This rick rack sure makes the blocks pop! Looks like so many neat things to do with this fairly simple machine. Thanks for sharing! I am already signed up at Accuquilt! Fresh out of the hospital and anxious to get well enough to learn to use these new tools.

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