Chisel Die Revisited

I was going through some old posts the other day and looking at quilts that are on my Quilt Bucket List and revisited this one. I first wrote about the chisel die a year ago. but there are two quilts here, so it’s worth re-visiting. The difference in these quilts is in the patch placement within the block for the dark and light. Below you will see two blocks which are actually the same, it’s just that the colors are reversed – or another way to look at it is that the chisel is turned with the short side to the inside strip on one block and the short side to the outside on the second block.

I called one a “star” and the other a “flower”, but the flower also looks like a pinwheel doesn’t it?

Chisel Star Block
Chisel Flower Block
Chisel Flower Quilt
Chisel Star Quilt

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  1. Hi Marjorie

    I am using the Chisel block right now. So this a great help to me
    Thank you

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