Chisel Die – More Options

Yesterday, I gave you some options for the Chisel Die. I started playing around in Electric Quilt and came up with some more options. The individual block will be shown first, and then the quilt layout from EQ7. Some of these are just positive/negative changes rather than completely different blocks. Play around with this and see what you can create.

Chisel Friendship Star 1 Block
Chisel Friendship Star 1 Quilt
Chisel Friendship Star 2 Block
Chisel Friendship Star 2 quilt
Chisel Whirligig Block, Chisel Pinwheel 2 Block
Chisel Whirligig Quilt
Chisel Pinwheel 2 Quilt
Chisel Pinwheel 1 Block and Chisel Stretched Star Blocks
Chisel Pinwheel 1 Quilt
Chisel Stretched Star Quilt

8 Replies to “Chisel Die – More Options”

    1. One of your quilts from Feb 17, 2010 is what inspired all of this. The block in that quilt wouldn’t work with the chisel die b/c it wouldn’t come out square, so I created a new block that would give a similar effect. Can you see the modification in the flower quilt?

  1. thanks for the chisel inspirations.
    I just made an on-point table runner with chisels and blocks that turned out quite nicely.

  2. Oh Marjorie, I can see my Chisel die getting loads use. Thank you
    Does EQ 7 have a chisel block in its library.? I cannot remember seeing one. I am still trying to learn EQ, and not to good at drawing my own blocks.
    Best wishes
    Only one post this time -:)

    1. It doesn’t have a chisel – and in fact, this would have to be drawn. I can send you the EQ7 project file that has all of these in it by email if you’d like. Send me an email if you want the file. It will have the blocks in it.

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