Variable Star. . .

Well, I must have been dreaming when I said that variable star quilt used a snowball block. When I started working on it yesterday, I realized beyond all doubt that it is a “Square within a Square” or “Economy” block. Nevertheless, the principle is the same and the design uses fewer seams and is a great way to make this quilt. Here are some photos of what I did to make the connector blocks. Each unit – “Economy” block or “Pinwheel” block finishes at 6 inches (Unfinished 6 1/2 inches).

Three ways that you can make these are:

1) use the 4-3/4″ square and the 3-1/2″ half square triangle and stitch a scant 1/4″ seam


2) use the 6-1/2″ square and the 3-1/2″ half square triangle and mark the corners and stitch


3) use the 6-1/2″ square and the 3-1/2″ square and stitch across from corner to corner (save the cut off triangles for another project)



I used a template that I printed from EQ7 to mark the corners on the 6-1/2″ fabric square. If you have card stock, it’s nice to print the template on that for marking. I used a pencil to mark because it will be cut on that edge so the pencil mark will disappear. The reason I made the template with the square at the bottom and the triangles on the top is so that I could get the placement right on the fabric. It allows me to match up the bottom edge with the fabric square and have the correct placement for the corners. The point at the top extends beyond the square and is the “dog ear”.

And here is what it looks like in layout before stitching blocks together: