Mini Iron Holder / Stand

Someone asked me to show a photo of the mini iron holder that I made. It is very simple. I used scrap wood (see how some of the corners are missing and there are extra holes where someone drilled) and coat hangers that I got at Lowe’s. To hold the hot tip of the iron, the Clover metal stand is attached with screws to the wood. The only reason I made it this way was because all of these supplies were in my tool closet and the stand for the hot iron was needed at that moment. Had I been able to shop, perhaps it would have been designed better, but this works. The iron doesn’t roll away and the hot tip is safe. I have seen people use large glass jars for their mini irons. I also found some versions at Barnes and Noble and at (search for mini iron holder).


Author: Marjorie Busby

My blog is about helping other quilters learn to use great tools in their quilting through what I can teach and through finding other bloggers who have good information. In addition, I am a mother and grandmother. Other hobbies include any other stitchery which makes me happy at the moment. I worked in clinical research for most of my career. I am now retired and enjoying every minute.

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  1. Oh! You are hot! I may do this since I hate that little holder moving around. I am looking at over the door organizers for supplies & dies. Space limited here. Just received heart die. Off to play…bye!

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