Traditional Red and White Basket Quilt

This is the design for the red and white basket quilt. It is one of my favorite old fashioned quilt patterns. It’s hard to know whether I like it so much because it’s red and white or because it’s baskets.

The most traditional red and white basket quilts were plain baskets set on point on a muslin background. For this one, I’m using a white Kona cotton and red Fossil Fern fabric. For now, I’ll just have to give you the EQ7 photo of the original quilt and some variations as I have been a little busy this week–those babies are absolutely adorable.

And here’s the same quilt with the block that has three hearts. My preference is the block with hearts.



5 Replies to “Traditional Red and White Basket Quilt”

  1. yes, i agree. I like it the with the hearts too. Hope to be able to play with the lacey embroidery hearts that you designed sometime soon.

  2. HI! Really great design. So simple blocks, but with more added, just great! I love the border too!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Take care, Leslie

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