Pinwheeel Quilt Finished – Yay!

It’s so wonderful to finish a quilt. And I really love this one – it’s a two-color quilt and the piecing turned out just perfect. When I got ready to put it on the frame, I realized that without borders it would fit onto one width of fabric, so I went for it. Quilts without borders are nice, very simplistic and very much the way my grandmother and great-grandmother quilted. Here are the instructions for getting pinwheels with great centers. Enjoy the photos.


And don’t forget about the giveaway this week – there hasn’t been much response – it is a complete quilt kit (except backing) and it includes embroidery blocks that are already assembled. So scroll down to see what you can win and leave a comment if you want to enter the giveaway.

Pinwheel Quilt

Close-up of quilting and piecing

14 Replies to “Pinwheeel Quilt Finished – Yay!”

  1. I like pinwheels. Have been thinking of starting a pinwheel quilt as soon as I finish my granddaughter dress which is taking me a little longer than expected.

  2. The pinwheel quilt is so prety. I like that you used just the two colors. I am working on 2 baby quilts for twins with pinwheels, they are so much fun.

  3. I absolutely love the quilt.I am learning to quilt on a frame and am enjoying the process immensely.

  4. I love your pinwheel quilt and especially the colors. I also want to thank you for the tip on perfect centers. That tip encourages me to give the pinwheel a try.


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