Baby Bibs

Baby bibs were on the agenda earlier this week. One of the new babies spits up a lot and so I thought an extra bib or two might be useful. Of course you can buy a six-pack of them at Walmart for almost nothing, but they’re definitely not as cute as these. I used a pattern from Embroidery Library for the bib itself as well as the St. Patrick’s Day embroidery. My daughter suggested that they could be cut a little narrower for an infant bib, so will try to make a couple that are infant-sized. The top fabric is flannel and then each has a batik backing. They would also work well with a flannel layer in the middle as an absorbent layer and quilter’s cotton on the top layer. This was fun – and a great break from quilting.

Baby Bibs

Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. These bibs would make good baby shower gifts. I like to have a few things made in advance for showers, etc. Belinda

    1. That’s a great idea. I have some of the vinyl that you can press onto fabric, but the local fabric shop has some beautiful laminated cotton. you’re right hmmmmm…

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