Patriotic Rail Fence – Tutorial

There’s nothing better to start this GO!™ for a Star QOV Challenge than a Rail Fence quilt. It’s a great quilt for men or women, it’s not complicated, and it’s a beautiful quilt. Although it’s not possible to make all of the quilts that I want to show you during this Challenge, with my trusty EQ7, you will be able to see the possibilities.

You will find written instructions for completion of this quilt with a finished size of 58 x 70″ which meets the criteria for the QOV Challenge and is a very do-able project. Here’s the EQ7 rendering of the quilt. If you make this as a top or a complete quilt for the Challenge, please take a photo and send it to me so I can post it here.

Rail Fence, Finished Size: 58x70"

Block Size: 6 inches


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  1. That’s a great idea. Thanks for the instructions. This is my friend’s favorite go-to quilt for babies and charity needs.

  2. I discovered the QOV Challenge rather late. I have been trying to find the correct posting to sign up. Can you point me in the right direction.

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