Happy Day – and such a nice compliment

Yesterday I got an email from Kath Garvey with a Sunshine Award. And she said some very nice things about my efforts and the machine embroidery I digitize. So, a big Thank You to Kath. This reminds me of the “pay it forward” mantra, and it helps all of us find other quilters and blogs to follow. I’m supposed to nominate five other quilters/blogs — can I limit it to 5?

This is how the Sunshine award works. When one receives this award from a fellow quilter/blogger, the request is to accept and name five other quilters/bloggers that you would like to present with the award.The nominated blogger thanks the person who nominated them, shares something about themselves, spreads the joy by nominating fellow bloggers and friends, and then tell each nominated blogger that they have been nominated.

A little about myself: I am a retired clinical researcher. My area of expertise is nutrition, and it was a very rewarding career. All those years were spent teaching and training medical, graduate, and post-graduate students and fellows how to conduct clinical research. And I suppose that is why I do what I do with quilting and sewing. For me, it’s a lot of fun to find new and better ways to do what we do. Other things you might not know about me are that my husband and I spent many years playing co-rec softball in a local league. Although I am no longer playing, he continues to coach a team and play. I am the team’s biggest cheerleader. My sport of choice these days is swimming – I love the long hours in the pool swimming laps and thinking about my next quilting project. It’s a form of meditation for me.

Since I am focusing on Quilts of Valor for all of April and May, I am going to send awards to those who are blogging and supporting Quilts of Valor. This is very difficult to only name five.

Gene Black at Gene Black An Alabama Artist and Quilter is my first Nominee. Gene is a wonderful artist in his own right. And then he is a wonderful quilter. I learn something everytime I read his blog – and feel as if I’ve been to an art museum when he posts his paintings. Please stop by and visit. The more you read, the more you will love his work. Gene participated in the Quilts of Valor blog hop. His tutorial was original and a wonderful quilt.

Rhonda at Ravelly1-QuiltzBlog is my second Nominee. Rhonda is also a teacher and does quite a lot of different quilts. She has already shipped her QOV entry. She makes some very beautiful and unique quilts. You will love her work.

Judy at SewFunQuilts is the third Nominee. Judy has so much energy and the most wonderful sense of color. She not only makes beautiful quilts, but provides pre-cut fabric for quilters who need a little bit of help with time management. Who said we can’t do it all? Judy helps us all prove that we can! For the Quilts of Valor project, Judy has stars available at a very nominal cost for those who would like to use pre-cut applique stars.

Alycia at http://alyciaquilts.blogspot.com/ is my fourth Nominee. I do not know Alycia, but have been following her for several years now. She is one amazing woman and a hero in the Quilts of Valor campaign. Go and visit and you will know why she deserves this award.

Barb at Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is also an artist, and she makes patterns from her wonderful quilt designs. Every trip to her blog is a quilt show. Her designs are so refreshing and delightful. This is her tutorial for the QOV blog hop.






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