Another Eight Pointed Star

This Quilts of Valor GO! for a Star has made me try things I never thought I would do. This 8 pointed star is one I have admired for years. I even bought the Accuquilt die. But I’ve always been intimidated by triangles and even more intimidated by these triangles. Well, I tried it anyway—so here’s a quick photo essay on putting this block together. The finished size is 9 inches, so if you make blocks to send for a Quilts of Valor submission you can add sashing to the sides to make it come up to 12-1/2 inches. If you’re going to make a top or a quilt, you don’t need anything except the minimum quilt / top size of 55 x 65 inches.

Here’s the finished block:


 These are the dies that I used for a 9 inch finished block:


This the number of pieces needed for each block:

This is how I constructed the star points:


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. I love this die and use it all the time. I have made several QOVs using it and they all come out beautifully. Try setting the block on point and changing your fabric locations. You will get an entirely different look and one that looks incredibly difficult to make, but it isn’t!

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