Two more beautiful Quilts of Valor

Susan in Kansas sent photos of the quilts that she has shipped to the Linharts for the QOV Challenge. These are beautiful quilts. I love that she added stars and blocks at the top of two different patterns.The first is a Jelly Roll Race quilt. I had heard of this quilt pattern, but didn’t realize how it was actually made until I watched the Youtube video. This is an incredible way to make a nice quilt in a small amount of time. I highly recommend you watch this video. Here’s Susan’s first quilt–doesn’t it look great with those blocks at the top?


And here’s Susan’s second quilt. She was inspired by the Patriotic Rail Fence pattern on Mary’s blog. I love this one too.


Author: Marjorie Busby

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5 thoughts on “Two more beautiful Quilts of Valor”

  1. Those are great. I am in the process of finishing up the blocks I am sending to the Linharts. I am adding borders to get them to the correct size.

  2. Linda’s quilts are beautiful. I too love how she has a row of stars at the top. This makes me think of Row Quilts, but it may be a So. Cal. thing as I’ve chatted with Dick & Tink and they weren’t familiar with it. We have two blog hops/runs every year where each shop provides a pattern for a row and if you visit all the shops you end up with a free quilt pattern, where every row is different. I think this concept could work for various challenges too, as well as making QOV quilts.


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