One Week Left for GO! for a Star QOV Challenge Entries

It has been so exciting the past few days to get email from participants in this Challenge. Every email inspires me. Many of you have been able to make beautiful quilts and many of you have squeezed enough time into your very busy schedules to make blocks that will become beautiful quilts with the help of the Linhart’s quilting group. Every single contribution is so important to this cause. SewCalGal wrote a very inspirational blog post about this. I could not say it better – so encourage you to visit her site and read what she wrote about bringing back the Memorial in Memorial Day. She has wonderful photos of our service members receiving quilts. You can see how meaningful it is to each of them and how honored they feel to receive the gift of a quilt. 

This Challenge extends through May 31, and we will give the mail and delivery services another full week after that to be sure that all packages have arrived.You can also email me and let me know when you have shipped, so that we can double check and be sure that your package is included in the Challenge.

I have finished the split star quilt that I started some time ago. The binding was completed the day before yesterday–I still have to stitch the label on it and will get it in the mail on Monday. I will take photos later today and update the blog–although you’ve seen pre-quilted photos of the top.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend – and here’s hoping you have a little time to stitch a block or two for this Challenge. 

3 Replies to “One Week Left for GO! for a Star QOV Challenge Entries”

  1. This is such a worthy cause, it is great to send a quilt or some quilt blocks to this cause.
    Thanks for running the challenge!

  2. Marjorie,
    I’ve admired all these beautiful quilts for such an amazing cause, and want to tell you how much I admire the time and energy you have put into the effort. I wish I could have whipped up a few to send, but am so busy at the shop that I haven’t sewn a stitch in ages. I do hope to see you soon.

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