It’s the Last Day of May

This is the last day of our Quilts of Valor Challenge. Here’s hoping more packages go in the mail today. There’s a great post and pix of quilt blocks over at  Snoodlz Noodlz over at LilyPadQuilting who made some beautiful stars. Her post tells us again how important this project is for all of us.

The end of a month always brings new beginnings. I visited with my friend, Sherry, yesterday and got very inspired by the things she’s doing. She’s making some quilts from this book by Judy Martin

and here’s Sherry’s work in progress – there are so many beautiful quilts in this book, I just have to have it. The colored squares finish at 3 inches.

Yesterday we got to babysit – I was taking care of the little baby and Ted was playing with the bubble gun with Kes — Somehow those curls got tangled in the fan on the bubble gun. Guess who got to untangle that mess!

And I almost never show you pictures of the little ones, but you just have to see this happy little fellow


Author: Marjorie Busby

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3 thoughts on “It’s the Last Day of May”

  1. Indeed, I agree with your hope that more QOV packages go in the mail today.
    Kes has such lovely curls. And that little man just makes me smile!

  2. I want you to know that-that picture of the little guy laughing just made my day!! Soooo cute!

  3. I really like Sherrys quilt. The ones that have that kind of dimension always intrique me. Both children are so beautiful!! Are they your grandchildren?

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