Another Patriotic Quilt

The GO! for a Star Quilts of Valor Challenge is closed, and I want to thank everyone for their efforts. Our purpose with this Challenge was to raise awareness and to inspire quilters to work together to create quilts for active duty and veteran US service men and women. Besides the Quilts of Valor organization, there are also other organizations who contribute. One of those organizations is American Hero Quilts and Susan Nixon is very active with the American Hero Quilts program and at the same time she has been a strong supporter of our Quilts of Valor program. I want to share a couple of quilts she has created during the last month for The American Hero Quilts organization.


3 Replies to “Another Patriotic Quilt”

  1. Thank you so much for the spotlight! I love all the organizations who work for the soldiers, and I appreciate those who make quilts for the wounded and families of those who sacrifice so much for us.

  2. You make such a huge difference in all that you do! These quilts are beautiful additions to the ones you have been posting.

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