The Cutest Giraffe

You must have known that once things settled down around here, I’d turn the embroidery machine on and play. Yesterday I finally broke open my Zoo Animals die from Accuquilt and made some machine embroidery to go with the die cuts. The embroidery is very simple, as I want these to be quilted, and the last thing a functional quilt should be is stiff and heavy with embroidery thread. Ezri came over to visit (and help), and she pushed the Start button on the machine for every thread change. She also chose the fabrics and the thread colors. We had a lot of fun. The monkey’s finished too (no photos yet). All that’s left to do today is Mr. Lion.

Click the photo below to open a larger image. The one on the right is a satin stitch and the one on the left is my free form applique stitch. After these stitchouts, the smile was tweaked. They’re pretty cute though, you must admit. I’m envisioning a pieced quilt with all the zoo animals and an elephant or two marching in a row along the top or bottom of the quilt.


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. What embroidery machine do you have? Hubby says he wants to get me one for Christmas and I’m starting to do the research now. I’d love to be able to get the Accuquilt embroidery downloads for my new machine 🙂

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