Stormy Weather

We had very stormy weather yesterday and here are some photos of our afternoon activities. It was very scary when things started happening and it all happened so fast. We were running back and forth trying to protect our electronics and checking on everything.

Today is going to be a big day of clean-up. The number one task is to get a crane and work crew in so that the tree can be removed from the house. Debris removal and removal of the big red oak are the next items on the list. And then we have to get the fence repaired / replaced because our dog needs a place to run. She’s a boxerman (boxer/doberman mix) and she needs the entire back yard for running.

If I don’t respond to emails for a day or so, please understand. We’re also getting ready for the baptism celebration of one of the grandsons, so things are hectic here.

Here are the photos from my iphone (edited – with more photos):

This is one side of the fence with the top of the red oak lying across it. You can see our garden beyond where the tree tops fell. The garden and Rose of Sharon trees were spared.


The hickory tree on the house doesn’t look very impressive in this photo, but it’s a big tree. In the lower photo, you can see the full length of the tree including the roots. It simply uprooted and toppled The large limbs in the foreground are from what was a beautiful maple. We had both lightning and wind damage.

And this is the ceiling in the downstairs breakfast room. You can see the 2 x 4 protruding. It was split lengthwise and the floor was covered in splinters, insulation, and sheetrock debris. It’s hard to understand how this happened – whether it was lightning or whether it was a result of the impact of the tree hitting the house. I expect this is the most serious of everything that happened yesterday. And I was standing a few feet away when it happened – it was an incredibly loud explosion.


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. So glad you are all safe. I can sympathize with you..we had a tree fall on our house during Katrina. What a mess! But as long as everyone is safe the house can be fixed!

  2. Oh, my gosh! How totally scary! I hope you’ve been able to clean up the trees and find someone to repair that ceiling – and that the ceiling is all that was damaged.

  3. So glad to hear that you are safe. Those are scary pictures. Take a deep breath and tackle things one at a time. Enjoy your time with your grandson this weekend. They grow up so quick.

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