More Beautiful QOV Quilts

I got a wonderful email over the weekend from Sue in Arizona. She’s been busy teaching AccuQuilt classes and working on Quilts of Valor. She used the Split Star pattern and created a beautiful quilt. I love the colors she used in this quilt. It really sparkles and will be a comfort to a very deserving service man or woman.

 This block pattern makes a 12 inch finished block.

I’ve been doing lots of things besides quilting for the last month, but this inspires me to quilt again. After our trip to Cincinnati in late July and before my trip to visit Mother the first weekend in August, my embroidery machine jammed while stitching. I had stepped out to get something from downstairs – and when I came back everything had come to a halt and the computer screen was blank. After that it didn’t work at all. While I don’t use my embroidery machine every day, something about not having it around has left me unexcited about quilting.

So, a big thank you to Sue for getting me back on track. The machine should be back where it belongs this week. Fortunately it was under warranty and Mike at McKinney Sew & Vac in Greensboro is working on it. 

5 Replies to “More Beautiful QOV Quilts”

  1. Love the quilt. It has to go on my “to do” list. Glad to hear your embroidery machine is coming back to life. There’s nothing worse than when our toys are broken and we can’t play.

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    This design is certainly on my QOV to do list! I know what you mean when something leaves you uninspired about quilting. I am doing a fun QOV, but the border is a pieced triangle border. For some reason, that pieced triangle border is leaving me uninspired. Something about trying to make the triangles fit is giving me quilters block. Since they are not a size that can be cut with the Go! I’m afraid they will be a pain to fit. If the weather gets rainy, I will move forward because I won’t have anything else to do on vacation. : )

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