Wesley’s Quilt Finished

This quilt has been finished more than a week, but the photos are just now ready. It seems forever that I’ve been working on this one, but I am pleased with it. I think it’s sturdy enough for a very active 4-year old to have on his bed. He should be able to jump and play with this quilt and it will not suffer any ill effects. Function is always a #1 priority when I’m quilting. The Accuquilt zoo animals die was not available when I started this quilt, so I ended up using a different machine embroidery set.

And I’m ready to start blogging again – the stars are aligning. School starts (UNC) tomorrow and the public schools start in the next two weeks. My Mom seems to be getting better after a tumble in her wheelchair a couple of weeks ago. She always wants to be independent and sometimes that stubborn independence has consequences. My embroidery machine is back from the shop and as good as new – I picked it up Saturday. The grandchildren have passed along their summer cold to me – but I am only a couple of days away from feeling great again. We had a great trip to the zoo last Friday with the grandchildren. My six month dental saga is almost at an end. Last week I had lunch with my good friends who are also quilters, and it was so good to see them. I am feeling refreshed and ready to go quilting again.

Here’s Wesley’s quilt:



 And here’s Juma, the baby giraffe at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. She’s adorable.

And a zebra – aren’t the patterns on the giraffes and the zebras wonderful?


Author: Marjorie Busby

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8 thoughts on “Wesley’s Quilt Finished”

  1. I am glad everything is slowing down for you. I love your little quilt! Keep up the good work!

  2. That is such a cheery quilt, he is going to love it for sure! You do sound refreshed and relaxed, now get rid of the cold and you will be in perfect shape! Feel better

  3. You must have inspired me last week at lunch. I’ve been sewing fast and furious on my bargello. And it takes my mind off everything going on here!

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