Playing Around with Half Square Triangles

One of the best things about Electric Quilt software is that it lets you quilt whether or not you can sit at the machine and stitch. After being away from the machine and real quilting for awhile, I am absolutely itching to make some half square triangles. All I can say is “it must be an addiction of some sort.”

Sitting at my computer over the weekend, I started playing with half square triangles. I set up a horizontal layout 16 blocks x 16 blocks and set a single half square triangle into each block. Then I started rotating triangles, one at a time, until I came up with something I liked. If the triangles are 4 inches finished, the quilt will finish at almost 70 inches (depending on border/binding), and if the triangles are 3 inches finished, the quilt will finish at almost 50 inches (depending on border/binding).

I tried reversing the color scheme, but really didn’t like it. I like seeing the parallelograms with this coloring. I think this quilt could be good in different color schemes, even in light ocean blues and tans. But it also will be nice as a bold accent piece in a neutral room.

I don’t know when I will get this made, but I’m going to start making triangles as leaders and enders and see what happens. Have been saving black and red batiks for a couple of years from my monthly batik packs from Batiks, etc., so the fabric is already in my stash. And thanks to my AccuQuilt cutter, the entire set of 256 red and 256 black triangles can be cut in less than half an hour.

The first image is the EQ drawing of the quilt. The second image is the EQ layout drawing. In EQ, I add a quarter inch sashing around each block to get the layout image.




Author: Marjorie Busby

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