The best laid plans. . .

All that red and black fabric that I thought I had in my stash. . .well, it must have been too tempting for other projects because there was not enough left when I pulled it out to look at it. So, it was back to the drawing board for me. Since I have so many batiks and couldn’t decide on a single color, I decided to try a scrappy look. I played around with it in EQ and came up with this.

I knew babysitting was on the agenda today, so I quickly cut 4-1/2″ x 18″ strips from some fat quarters and half yards so that I could cut the triangles on the Accuquilt GO during baby’s nap this morning. One great advantage of the cutter is that it is so quiet – no motor, no noise at all. I layered several of the strips with the white background strips so the triangles would cut already layered and ready to stitch.

While I was rocking baby to sleep, Ezri (5-1/2 years old) was inside with me. She usually spends a lot of time quietly playing with Legos. After the baby was asleep, I walked into the kitchen and found Ezri cutting all my fabric strips into triangles–even the ones that hadn’t been layered. She had done a remarkable job of it – there were only two strips that had partial triangles – everything else was done perfectly. So, I spent awhile this afternoon layering the single triangles with background triangles. She was not at all interested in cutting white triangles – she only wanted to cut the colored fabric.

There are two t-shirt quilts sitting on my machine that must be pieced – so these triangles are ready to be the leaders and enders for those projects. It will be fun to get a third project out of the first two.


Author: Marjorie Busby

My blog is about helping other quilters learn to use great tools in their quilting through what I can teach and through finding other bloggers who have good information. In addition, I am a mother and grandmother. Other hobbies include any other stitchery which makes me happy at the moment. I worked in clinical research for most of my career. I am now retired and enjoying every minute.

11 thoughts on “The best laid plans. . .”

  1. I love your design. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Good job Ezri! Sounds like she was a great help.

  2. Wow…you know that this is far more my style than the red/black. I love this.
    Ezri may turn out to be a quilt making helper – if not a quilter. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well.

  3. You are so fortunate to have a granddaughter who takes an interest in quilting. I have five granddaughters and not one of them has any interest in quilting. It sounds like she’s a jewel.

  4. I love this sentence – it made me laugh! “She was not at all interested in cutting white triangles – she only wanted to cut the colored fabric.” You and Ezri make a great team!

  5. See, Ezra was paying attention after all. What a blessing! I hope she was paying special attention when using the rotary cutter ….. If she used it. How fun is that?

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