Quilting Books on my Kindle

Last night I discovered that I can get Quilting Books from Amazon IN COLOR on my Kindle Fire. Many of the books I have purchased have been B&W, so I never thought to look for quilting books. Probably all of you already know all this and have quilting books on your tablet or iPad. I was looking at the Baby Roller Rink quilt on Oh, Fransson! by Elizabeth Hartman and decided I would browse Amazon to see if she had that book. It came up as a Kindle book – and the preview was in color. I now have several quilting books on my Kindle including From Daisy to Paisley by Leah Day and Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman. And, if you go to SewCalGal’s blog and scroll all the way down the right column and shop through her Amazon.com link – you’ll help support some of the giveaways she so generously provides to the quilting community.

Here’s what I have done on the triangles thus far. I finished piecing one of the t-shirt quilt tops and was able to get this many triangles done. I need 296 triangles for the whole quilt. Now of course I stitch more than one triangle at the end of a seam –what’s more fun–stitching triangles in beautiful colors or piecing a t-shirt quilt? These colors are so luscious.

And while I was driving back from the gym this morning, it occurred to me that I wanted to try something new with these. I’ve been stacking them in color groups. What if they are put into the quilt like variegated yarn, i.e., sorted by color groups, then a color order determined, and a certain number of squares of each color and then add them into the rows in that order – and the colors will create their own pattern within the main design. I have never done this before, but it will be fun to see what happens.

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