Progress on HST Quilt Top — And Winners!

The HST quilt top is moving along. There is only one vertical row to add to the horizontal rows. Then I will turn it and stitch all the horizontal rows. So far I really love it. Still not sure about the variegation of colors, but it may work. After doing the first couple of rows, I realized that because the triangles are not set in an ordered fashion, there will be some really bulky seam intersections. So, contrary to all my beliefs, I went back and pressed those triangle seams open. The seams from square to square will be pressed to the side. I think this is what will work best. However, I really believe I am going to have some points that just don’t meet perfectly–and that really bothers me when it’s my work. Doesn’t bother me a bit when it’s someone else’s quilt. Weird, huh?

And the quilt kit winners–ta da!

Janet Currier and Judy (email user name rcpjmp).  Quilt kits will be on the way to you shortly. You will be getting an email from me this morning.

3 Replies to “Progress on HST Quilt Top — And Winners!”

  1. Ha ha.. I know exactly what you mean about those points. But I have learned that I can live with a points that don’t match as long as I can FINISH the quilt. ((grin))

    Congrats to the winners!

  2. Looks good. Love the color and the movement. Remember the saying… can you see if from a galloping horse? If someone is inspecting your points, shame on them.

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