Quilt Previews

I just got two of the prettiest quilts ever to be quilted and just have to show them off. The Bargello is Sherry’s. The embroidered quilt is for me (actually for my grandsons), but Kay made it. They are both absolutely gorgeous and I thought you’d like to see some pictures. The treat is that I get to quilt both of them.

Sherry is a master of Bargello and the photo does not do it justice, but when it’s quilted, I’ll post a picture of the full quilt. In this picture, you can only see a portion of it.

And Kay did all the embroidery for my grandsons’ quilt. Those little boys have outfits for everything – they can dress up as policemen, construction workers, firemen, doctors, and chefs. So that is what this quilt celebrates — all the wonderful things that little boys want to grow up to be.


3 Replies to “Quilt Previews”

  1. Lovely quilts. Bargellos are patterns I greatly admire and aspire to complete some day. The grandson’s quilt is perfect for a little boy.

  2. gorgeous bargello & adorable little boy quilt. You are going to have a good time quilting both of them. Make sure you share pictures with us when they are finished.

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