Mosaic Tiles Log Cabin

I recently purchased the book Modern Quilts by Elizabeth Hartman for my Kindle Fire. I enjoyed it so much that I also decided to take Elizabeth’s class on Craftsy. Needless to say, I am a fan. And on her blog, Elizabeth has great instructions for Mosaic Tiles blocks. I was completely intrigued. While I prefer to do all my cutting on the AccuQuilt, the improvisational piecing style is like a magnet.

Even with instructions, it took me awhile to realize that I had to keep things squared as I added new pieces. Once I realized that, it all fell into place. Then I realized that some of my pieces were ending up so small that the composition was too busy. Tiles are just that – tiles, not tiny bits smaller than the grout. This has been a fun challenge for myself.

And actually tiles didn’t work for me, so I switched to a log cabin style block, adding strips around the edges. And to be able to use my die cutter, I used strips. I’ll show you more later as this is just a jumping off point for me. There are lots of ideas percolating in my head. It has been much easier to work with this using the pre-cut strips. Here are photos of my experimentation.



close-up of mosaic log cabin blocks


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. Marjorie,
    Just love the use of batiks in these blocks. Can’t wait to sign up for this Crafsy class, too.


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