Quilting Fun Flowers

This is a UFO finish that has been in the stack awhile, but I just didn’t know have the inspiration to quilt it. Then I saw Angela Walters’ tutorial on SewCalGal’s Free Motion Quilting Challenge and have been playing around (doodling) with some geometric free motion designs ever since. Leah Day has some great geometric designs too. I recently purchased one of her design books for my Kindle Fire and absolutely love being able to take quilting books with me wherever I go.


At first I had some reservations about these rectangles on the background of a curvy design, but then it occurred to me that cross-hatching works well on any design and it is angular. So, why wouldn’t this work? And yes, it does. In fact, I have been at such a stalemate and so bored with feathers and swirls that I have hardly quilted anything for awhile. I am inspired again after this.

It’s fun to be ale to doodle on the Whiteboard and on Skitch on my Kindle Fire too.Hopefully, with this sketch you can see where i backtrack on each square/rectangle to start the next.


5 Replies to “Quilting Fun Flowers”

  1. I really like the rectangular quilting. It’s a nice change from the swirls and stipple. I also like the loop type of quilting in the sashing, very pretty. Will the appliques puff up when it’s off the frame like my photo squares did? Once again, thank you for your input on my photo runner. The little girl absolutely loved it and thought I made her ponies look beautiful.

  2. Love the background! When I had my machine quilting business, I often put curves on straight line patterns and straight lines on curves. I think they are complimentary! The whole quilt looks great, with the curves on the stripping.

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