Angular Meander Quilting

Here’s another quilting design that I decided to try. This is a small quilt that Norma pieced. Because of the bright colors and busy pattern, it’s more difficult to see the quilting very well, but it is simply an angular meander. This was so much fun to quilt, and I like the way it looks on the quilt.

I did a lot of doodling on paper and on my Kindle Fire Whiteboard before quilting. The black and white picture below is what it looks like on the Whiteboard from my Kindle Fire. I’m glad my quilting looks better than my doodling.

3 Replies to “Angular Meander Quilting”

  1. That’s pretty cool that you were able to “doodle” with the Kindle.Love your quilt! I’ve had my eye on the Kindle Fire and the Ipad, but didn’t realize I could use it for quilting. What App did you use to accomplish this? I’m always interested in learning “new stuff.”

  2. Just got a Baby lock Tiara!! Looking forward to learning. Following you in using my iPad to practice.

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