Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting – Blog Book Tour

Today is my day – and I am very excited to share my favorite chapter in the Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting with you. Ebony came up with the most clever system I have ever seen for writing pattern instructions for quilters. And this system will work not only with die cutting systems but also for rotary cutting. I am so excited about it that I actually created a video to explain how this works.

And before long, I want to create a video that shows you how cool the EDeN system is for writing cutting instructions in EQ7.

The whole Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting is jam packed with information about die cutting, so be sure to get your copy of it. Here’s the video I created.

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November 1st – Book Launch on Amazon! (but you can pre-order anytime)
Leave a comment here before October 31 and you will be eligible to win a free copy of The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips. 

54 Replies to “Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting – Blog Book Tour”

  1. I already knew this was a must have book, but now that you’ve done this greata video, I am even more sure. Thank you so much for the awesome video explaining this more.

  2. Marjorie – thanks for the video – very interesting. A cutting system is on my Wish List for Christmas this year, and this book would be a Must Have to go along with it!

  3. Excellent vidio to show the wealth of information for all the different systems, plus combine with rotary cutting if you don’t have the needed die. Thank you for the vidio and the giveaway.

  4. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book. We have a Baby GO! and one hexagon die waiting for us to figure out what to do. This would certainly help.

  5. Great video, Marjorie. Very clear and easy to understand Ebony’s system. Thanks for creating this for the blog tour.

  6. Thanks for the insightful video. This little book has a lot of information in it! Can’t wait to get my copy. If I win one, I will give it to my friend who has a sizzix.

  7. Fabulous – how much more versatile will this make the Accuquilt Go. I spend hours looking for designs that will match the dies that I have. Whoopee clever ladies, you will save me so much time.
    Thank you

  8. This something I had been working on for myself, as I have an assortment of brands of dies, including Accucut education dies (more geometrics and many for applique, go take a look). Accucut craft also has dies, although not as many as they used to. Both of these sites can be found here:
    I have some Ellison dies, of standard thickness as would be equal to the Studio or accucut dies; more fun applique shapes. I appreciate both your video and Ebony’s work on putting it all together, as I know a few of the westminster dies by Sizzix were not called out by finish size but by cut size…and caused some grief for users there. I’m not sure if they ever corrected that or it still exists that way.
    I had never thought of creating the equivalent die numbering notation, so LOVE that. Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks for posting the video. It explains a lot. Please enter me to win a copy of Ebony’s book.

  10. I just purchased my Accuquilt Go so this giveaway comes at a perfect time. Your videos are the main reason I now have my Go. Thanks

  11. Thanks for sharing and review of Ebony’s book on die cutting machines. A good reference book!

  12. I’m new to fabric die cutting machines, I had no idea something I”ve dreamed of had materialized! This book is brilliant to accompany this new horizon of quilting tools.

    Suzanne Urban

  13. Since I’ve never tried a cutting machine, this book give me a better chance at getting off to a good start. Thank you for the video as well.

  14. I am so excited about this book coming out. Mfg. never give enough information to people and to have someone compile it all in one place is priceless!

  15. Marjorie, Isn’t it amazing that we’ve come from rotary cutting to die cutting. I’m so glad Ebony’s wrote this book, she’s so full of knowledge. Thanks for a chance to win a copy. I hope to move from small fabric crafts like table runners and place mats to throws and eventually a real quilt.

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