Quilted Panels and Kindles, etc.

I found a great tutorial over on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog–have you noticed I’m a fan– showing how to make quilted panels for a structured bag. It’s a great way to make quilted fabric for a bag and a great way to use up some fabrics that are sitting around and will never be stitched into slacks or clothes because you’re too busy quilting. I recently inherited a lot of fabric like that, and now I know how it will be used. While Elizabeth made her panels on the sewing machine, I am going to try this on the longarm and see how it goes. CLICK HERE to go to her tutorial.

I’ve had my Kindle Fire for a year, but am just now finding ways to use it that are fun for me. Did you know that not only can you get quilting books on the Kindle, but you can also get your Quilting Arts subscription on your Kindle now. Actually, it’s probably been around awhile, and I just didn’t realize it. And if you have an iPad or Android tablet, there are Kindle apps for them that work just like the Kindle.

And last, but not least, our little Ezri is growing up. I am managing the blog for the Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartoma Foundation, and my daughter has been telling Ezri’s story there. There are also blog posts about Faith, a little girl from England who is about six months younger than Ezri. Today’s post is about Ezri’s school trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and it’s a happy story.


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  1. I checked out Elizabeth’s blog. Wow, what a great tutorial for making the quilted fabrics. Very timely for me since a friend has enlisted me to make a diaper bag. I want to make it quilted and her technique looks perfect. I’m with you, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done on the longarm. I may just have to find some time today to fool around with some scraps and see how it goes.

    I’m so glad Ezri had such a good time on her school trip. What an absolute precious little girl she is. I’ve always thought she looks like a little cherub, such a beautiful face. I hope she continues to do well.

    Thank you for your posts, I always enjoy reading them and learning from you.

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