Mother’s birthday and a special gift

Got back late yesterday from visiting my Mother and celebrating her 84th birthday. Enjoyed some wonderful Cleveland County BBQ at Red Bridges BBQ restaurant on NC Highway 74 – BBQ, hushpuppies, and red slaw – there’s nothing better. I gave my Mother an Accuquilt GO! cutter so she can cut her own quilts. Actually, since her stroke she doesn’t have the strength to cut, but this will allow her to direct her caregivers to do the cutting for her. She will be able to place the fabric on the die and tell them how and what she wants cut. She is still sewing quilt pieces together quite well, so I’m excited that this will give her more creative freedom than having someone 200 miles away cutting pieces for her. It will also allow her to use her fabric stash (and not mine) for her quilts – LOL!

A real bonus of this is that one of Mother’s caregivers is an accomplished seamstress, but has never made quilts. It was very apparent that she was excited about learning to quilt.

A special treat was waiting when I got home. there was a package with two beautiful dresses for Ezri and Kes from my brother Al and his wife, Sandy.

Dresses from Al and Sandy