Quilting Zoo Animals Carousel

Just wanted to share how I figured out the curved lines for quilting on this quilt. I wanted to be able to follow the curvy lines of the rickrack applique . My attempts at following the lines kept getting off track and it would end up too wide or too narrow at the top or bottom. And then the light flickered. Recently I read (and can’t remember who or where it was) on a blog about using masking tape for marking a quilt for straight line quilting. This person suggested that one could use masking tape and rather than stitching right next to the tape, it would be better to stitch 1/4″ away so as to not stitch into the tape.

I decided to use the rickrack die to make a quilting template. First, I layered painter’s tape on the foam over the top of the blade, then ran it through the cutter. I actually added more tape to the straight edge to make it stay completely straight when I put it on the quilt. In the beginning I marked the quilt with a blue line following the tape, but that was just too time-consuming. So, I put the tape on the quilt and stitched a quarter inch away and used it for two or three lines and then moved it.

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  1. I love the quilting on this…. very cool idea!!! Rick-rack die is on my wish list, but just have not yet been able to justify it. The 2-1/4″ die has to come first!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are simply so smart! The idea could be used in a lot of ways… one of these days, I will probably have to get a die-cutter. You are so productive with yours!

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