Big Little Book Blog Tour Recap: Tutorial Links and Winners

This has definitely been a non-productive week of stitching for me. I am fighting a cold and cough right now, but even before that, it seemed everything I stitched was just not quite right. On Wednesday, I finally stopped, shut off the machines and went downstairs to do family things. Sometimes if you just get away from it all, things work out better when you return. Thursday was better, but I didn’t get in my groove until Friday–and then there were errands to run which took me away from stitching. And today my cough and cold are bad enough that I think I’ll just veg awhile.

But I want to give you the final set of links to the Big Little Book of Die Cutting Tips Blog Tour tutorials as well as let you know that I did draw a winner immediately after the tour. Marilyn Lewis was the winner for my day of the tour and her book was shipped to her on November 16. And now, here are the direct links to the tutorials:

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  1. You really are having a rough time finding quilting time! I hope by now you are at least feeling better, and that you find a day to do just what you want to do, even if it isn’t quilting. =)

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