My New Favorite Tools

Christmas was good to me this year. I received two gifts that have quickly become my favorite tools. The first is a pair of tweezers that a dear friend sent to me. They have a fine tip and are wonderful for pulling threads taut to be able to clip closely to the fabric and also for frogging. They are a permanent fixture in my sewing apron pocket now. You can find the Famore Micro Fine Tweezers at

The second gift was from my sister who sent these scissors by Joyce Chen. Not only do they work right or left handed, but the grip is large and open and very comfortable. And the scissors cut everything like butter–they are so smooth and sharp. When I looked them up, the descriptions are that they are kitchen scissors–but believe me, they cut fabric like no other. They are attached to my sewing apron and nest in the pocket.

Famore Micro Fine Tweezers and Joyce Chen scissors
Famore Micro Fine Tweezers and Joyce Chen scissors

8 Replies to “My New Favorite Tools”

  1. I love tools of any kind and those look awesome. I may have to check out the scissors, I have such a hard time finding something really sharp. The tweezers look interesting also. I really like the idea of a sewing apron. Never thought of that. I am forever losing track of my trimming scissors and seam rippers. Might be a good idea to have a little apron to slip on. Great post Marjorie.

  2. I love Christmas presents that keep on giving. I have a pair of Karen Kay Buckley scissors that are serrated on the edges. I just love them.

  3. So glad Christmas was good to you! I absolutely love them too. I’m not kidding when I say I have 4 pair to myself. One pair is in the kitchen…with the first aid stuff, one pair is on my dressing table and I have two pair for sewing. If I were the one to have invented them, I’d charge twice the price because they are that good…LOL.


  4. The tweezer looks like it would really work well for holding thread for clipping. I’ll have to put both of them on my wish list. Thanks for sharing the info.

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