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We are so fortunate to have Margaret Pitt with a Quilt As You Go tutorial today showing how she has streamlined the process as she uses the quilted star machine embroidery set to make a Quilt of Valor. This quilted set was designed specifically for the Quilt of Valor project we did last year, so this is very dear to my heart. Maggie shows how she made these blocks in a long strip. After she finishes, these blocks are cut apart and put together with sashing. The assembly of blocks is shown here.

I am making a Quilt of Valor using Marjorie’s star quilted in the embroidery hoop. It sews out like a dream. My biggest challenge was figuring out how much fabric I needed. I used graph paper and colored pencils to figure out how many blocks I need for the back as my quilt will be 10 blocks wide by 11 blocks long. My hoop is 10 1/4 x 6 1/4. I fold the main strip in half and finger press this crease to help center the fabric in the hoop.


The backing will be in red, white and blue blocks so I used colored pencils to figure out how many of each color I needed. I chose a colored backing as I didn’t think all white would be the greatest for a quilt that gets used a lot.

I found that by cutting the main fabric and muslin stabilizer in 9 1/2 wide strips I can get 5 quilt blocks per strip. Cut the backing and batting in 8 1/2 inch strips and sub cut into 8 1/2 in squares.

Hoop your fabric and muslin together and leave just an inch over the top of your hoop, sew out your first block and when done and you remove to re hoop, first lay it face down and fold up the end from your last block and trim the backing and batting only so it is 3/4 of an inch wide. That gives you a little extra to square up your block and leave the 1/2 in seam allowance. The reason for trimming is that on the rest of the blocks when you pin the backing and batting on the back you can butt the top edge of it right up to the last trimmed backing block.


Now measure 1 1/2 inches down from the last block and place a pin in the fabric and then move your design and do a trace with your machine to be sure it isn’t higher then the pin. Sew out your second block and trim batting and backing as before. You will trim the bottom of the backing and batting on all but the last block.

After you have finished your second block, you can cut off your first block and square it up leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Now lay that block on your hoop in the machine and leave 1 inch between the last block. The reason for only one inch is the block you are using already has the seam allowance. Continue this method with the rest of the blocks.This method will allow you to get 5 blocks per strip .


I shut off my thread cutter as it only takes a second to hit and when the machine stitches down my star I use the same color thread for the next stitching and that way I just hit the start button and don’t have to trim the thread tail.



Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. This is beautiful and very interesting. Both of you are very creative and talented. Thank you for sharing.

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