t-shirt quilt for Joe

Joe, my son-in-law has a March birthday. I love to make t-shirt quilts, and I have asked him many times for t-shirts. Emily says he wears them out and throws them away. I was talking with Joe’s mom, and she happily volunteered to donate some of his old t-shirts that were still at her house. These were very special t-shirts, including a couple of ski vacations and one from summer camp. I was able to use the front and back and sleeves so that I had enough to make a quilt. The shirt from summer camp had some very heavy paint on it – the dinosaurs have thick, cracked paint that hurts when you run your hand across it. I suggested that we try to remove the paint and re-paint that part of the dinos. The response was that it would be considered if I would find the paint!

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Author: Marjorie Busby

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