What’s Old is New Again

While I’m spending time with my grandsons this week, I thought I’d show you a quilt that was made by my great, great aunt and great grandmother. This quilt is made from fabrics from my Mother’s seventh grade school dresses (mid 1930’s). The fabrics and quilt design look so much like quilts of today. I thought you would enjoy seeing it. The entire quilt was hand pieced and quilted. IMG_2948-001IMG_2950-001

6 Replies to “What’s Old is New Again”

  1. How lucky you are to still have this quilt. It looks like it is in very good condition.

  2. I agree with you Marjorie. I watched some talks from QuiltCon and was amazed at how so many of the “modern quilts” looked like really old quilts or Gee’s Bend quilts.

  3. Wow this is something to treasure always! Your very lucky to have such a beautiful quilt and loving memory.

  4. Love the fabrics. I am making a quilt right now and some of the fabrics are very similar. I think the recipient of the quilt will be thrilled to see the picture of your quilt.

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