Google Reader Replacements-Feedly vs bloglovin for quilters

When I heard that Google Reader was going to the scrap heap, it was a concern. I read several posts and articles on the web about Google Reader replacements, and it seemed that more people moved to Feedly than any other reader (at least on the day that I was looking). So, I signed up for Feedly. Then I saw that a lot of quilting blogs were using bloglovin, so after a few days I signed up for that too so that I could compare the two. And now, based on a very short period of research, I have an opinion.

Feedly is definitely the winner in three areas that mean a lot to me. The first is organization. I love the index on the left that lists by category and that I can go to a category and click and see a list of blogs on the right or scroll through all the blogs in that category in the center. Or I can click on Index and see lists by category of every blog I follow. I don’t have to scroll through anything, it’s right there on a single screen. bloglovin seems to have the same content and index, but I have to scroll to get through it all which is too much like reader–I have to scroll through a huge long list to find the blog I want to see.

The real down side of bloglovin is that it never opens a blog as it’s own URL. If you look at the URL of a blog after it opens in a new tab/window, you will see that it is an extension of the bloglovin URL. And then when I try to bookmark a post or selection from the blog in Evernote, it is grayed out and can’t be bookmarked. Evernote is my encyclopedia of quilting, so this is a critical feature for me. In Feedly when I click on a blog, it opens as that blog URL in it’s own tab/window. Another downside of bloglovin is that when I click on “older posts” and try to click on a header, it isn’t clickable. This seems to have to do with the way bloglovin treats blogs. It’s almost as if they belong to bloglovin and not the blogger.

I am pleased that there are new blog readers. Google Reader was such an ark that it was work for me to read the blogs I like. The new readers make it so much easier. I know this is very limited research, but hands down, Feedly is my reader of choice.


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  1. I went to feedly with all the crowds and thought I might try some of the other readers, but since the third day, I’m a lot happier with feedly than I started out. I didn’t like stumbling around trying to figure out how to get it to behave the way I wanted it to, but now that the blindfolded part is behind me, I’m with you. The only reservation I still have is that it’s using some aspect of Reader on the front end – they’d better have their full act together before the plug is actually pulled on Reader. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I decided to use Netvibes rather than Feedly. Both are certainly better than Google Reader

  3. In Bloglovin, are you clicking on the post title or the blog title? On the iPad, I find that if I click on the blog title, I get the entire blog, including past posts. The post title only gives one post. But if you’ve already made your choice, this may be too late to be useful.

  4. I will have to check out Feedly. I have been trying The Old Reader but there are just a couple of things about it that I’m not crazy about.

    I would also love to hear more about how you use Evernote for quilting!

  5. Why not use both? I hadn’t heard of Feedly, so didn’t even know it existed. I did know the google reader was suppose to be going away, but I’d rather offer a choice to users than be limited to one. It makes sense to me that if I don’t have to send out a newsletter, they can choose there preference.

    Thanks for the post, I to will check out feedly.

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