Beautiful QOV Photos

I got an email from Maggie yesterday showing me the Quilt of Valor she made using the star machine embroidery Quilt as you Go. This is absolutely beautiful. The recipient of this quilt will be very honored to receive it. She also showed how she supported the weight of the quilt as she worked putting the rows together. This is truly a work of love and dedication.

QOV 008


QOV 016


Back of Quilt
Back of Quilt
Modified laundry basket for holding weight of quilt
Modified laundry basket for holding weight of quilt


Laundry Basket with shortened bag holding weight of quilt
Modified laundry basket holding weight of quilt



Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. Wow! Beautiful quilt but what is just as impressive is how she quilted it on her domestic machine. Fabulous job. How lucky any service member will be to receive it.

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