It’s been almost a month since I last wrote. And what a busy month it’s been. My Mom came to visit on March 31 and is staying through June. It has been quite an adjustment as she had a stroke several years ago and is in a wheelchair. But we are adjusting and are enjoying the visit. Some days are quite interesting as we have had four generations in the house at the same time. The oldest (Mom-87) and the youngest (Owen-15 months) are quite taken with each other, and it is fun to watch them.

I have been digitizing some designs which I’ll show you soon. The new Sunbonnet Sue set is just exquisite. There are 12 designs to be quilted in the hoop.  And there are some other fun designs. Here’s a peek at Sunbonnet Sue. I still have to do the file conversions before they’re up in the shop.



SBS handap xhatch



And here’s a picture of my Mom working on a puzzle with Kes.

IMG_0109 (Custom)


And here are my daughter and her three children “planting” in our garden.

IMG_3559 (Custom)

IMG_3565 (Custom)



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  1. Such wonderful memories you are making with your family. My mom will be 89 in Aug and I cherish everyday we enjoy together. She still lives by herself but she is within 1/2 mile from me so we have contact with each other daily. Your sunbonnets are sooo pretty. I am sure I will get that set too!!

  2. So very special to have such time with your mom. Sweet picture of her and Kes working on the puzzle. And, I’m surprised to see how big Owen is getting. Turning into a little boy and no longer a baby.

    Very cute new ME designs. Love the stitching on these. Great job!

    When do we get to see pictures from the quilt retreat you and your mom went on?


  3. Love the Sues!! So cute!! Beautiful family!! How blessed you are!! Busy I’m sure, but so lucky to have your Mom! Enjoy the visit!

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