Princess Quilt

My granddaughter, Kes, is the middle child. She talks about being a princess and playing princess all the time. So, she’s going to get a princess quilt. Every quilt has a story, and this one is no exception.

I recently bought a Twister template. When it came, I was surprised at how large it was. I decided that the pieces would be large enough for some novelty prints and proceeded to cut squares of “princess” fabric that I thought would work for this quilt. After I got it together, I really was not pleased. The colors blend together too much and to me, it just isn’t pretty to my eye. But, that was a lot of work, so I am finding a way to make it a special quilt anyway.

I decided to add “princess” machine embroidery to the quilt so Kes will find special little places throughout the quilt with castles and magic wands and unicorns and princess crowns. This quilt is to be enjoyed for the special little motifs rather than as a whole quilt.

What is really amusing to me is that as I stood in front of the design wall with Kes (4-1/2 years old), she informed me in the most matter of fact way that the little girls on one of the fabrics were fairies and not princesses. Of course, my reply was that princesses have to have good fairies to help them. I think we all need some good fairies along the way.

Corner of Quilt
Corner of Quilt
Corner of Quilt
Frog Prince

I digitized this frog and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the applique pieces. That was a lot of fun.

Princess Crown from Applique Corner

This princess crown was done as traditional machine embroidery applique.

Dragon from EmbLibrary
Magic Wand
Crown by EmbLibrary

She really is a sweet little girl, we love this picture. It’s obvious she is only going to do what she wants and not what the photographer suggests.

Kes--School Picture--Pre-K
Kes–School Picture–Pre-K




7 Replies to “Princess Quilt”

  1. How addorable!
    Really beautifull!
    A princess quilt for a beautifull princess of a granddaughter!

  2. What a fun post, I enjoyed the story behind the quilt and the cute little one…she looks like she can take on the world by herself!

  3. What a beautiful young lady and what gorgous hair. Love the quilt. Know my 5 yr. old princess would think it is great too.

  4. Princesses will always tell you when you “made a mistake” in anything you make for them. LOL…Ask me how I know!
    She is a darling.

  5. Love the quilt… and the granddaughter is just adorable. Love those grandkids!

  6. Great way to save your unintentionally “blended” quilt – the result is really special and if you hadn’t said you added the embroidery after looking at and not being pleased with the top, it would appear you planned the top to be a showcase for the unicorns, crowns, frogs, etc. Great job – and world, we just better watch out for Kes!

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