Zoom Zoom

Besides the princess quilt, I have been working on a set of cars for the AccuQuilt Cute Car die. Thought you’d like to see how they turned out. My grandsons are the inspiration for this. They love every kind of car and occupation. Hmmmmmmmmmm – Now I need to get busy and build a quilt–or a town on a quilt.

taxi 600 firemarshall 600 flowercar 600 hotrod 600 police 600 racecar 600 sedan 600 

10 Replies to “Zoom Zoom”

  1. It’s very beautifull!
    Did you make the embroidery patterns for the accuquilt car with EQ Stitch?
    It’s so sweet,I like them all but especially the car with the flowers.
    Good luck and pleasure with making the car-quilt!

  2. These are sooooo cute. The taxi and flower car are my favorite. You do such a great job Marjorie!

  3. Are these an embroidery collection also? I don’t have an Accu-Cut but do have an embroidery machine. I do love these cars and the shape looks pretty easy to cut even if I have to do it by hand. Details…

  4. Those cars are soo cute.. Another die for me to buy! I’m getting quite a collection–now if I can find time to use them!

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