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Someone asked me to write about how I use Evernote. Evernote is a web application that allows you to clip URLs, text, articles, images, and anything you can imagine from the web as you browse. It will also save pdf files. There are many more features, but the clipping tool and pdf saver are the primary tools that I use. I have been using Evernote since October of 2009 and upgraded to the Premium version in December of 2011, so you can imagine that I have a lot of information stored.

When you clip something from the web, you then have the option to assign the clipping to a notebook and/or a tag. For example, I have a machine embroidery notebook, an AccuQuilt notebook, a neuroscience notebook, and a general notebook. The general notebook is where I put a lot of quilting information. Here are some things that I clip:

1. Evernote is a wonderful place to save all those tips, links, and notes from posts in Yahoo groups/discussion forums. You just highlight the text you want to save and “clip” it to a note. Give it a tag and you’ll always be able to find it. This is one of the most useful tools for me.

2. You can save social media posts and images as well as sending a note you’ve clipped from Evernote to Facebook, Twitter, or even email it to yourself or someone else. And if you’re more sophisticated than I am, you can use Evernote to archive your entire social media life

3. Links to quilting resources such as free patterns, tutorials, and techniques and clipping entire pdf files to be saved in Evernote is a great way to use it. And you can tag these resources in categories such as piecing, applique, quilting, embroidery, etc.

4. Do you have trouble tracking events such as blog hops and quilt alongs? This is a great place to put them, and you’ll always be able to find those links.

5. One of my favorite things to do when I want to try something new or fix something on my computer is that I google computer technical information. Evernote is where I keep the instructions for things like how to create a blog badge, and other important technical information.

6. This is a great place for saving instruction manuals as complete pdfs for equipment and gadgets. Just think how much file space you will save with this. You can also keep track of purchase dates and serial numbers here.

7. And what about all those dates and projects for the Quilt Guild? This is the place.

8. I use Evernote as a temporary holding place for recipes, addresses that come to me as I browse the web or come to me in email. You can just select text and it will save only the highlighted text in your note.

9. A feature I haven’t used, but really should is tracking projects and project management. There’s a to-do checkbox that can be added to notes in Evernote.

10. Ideas and inspiration. I love to save photos of quilts, landscapes, and song lyrics and anything else that inspires me. So, I have an ideas tag that I use a lot.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about Evernote. My tags could be simplified, and I could use a lot more features than I do, but for now, this is a great tool for me.


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