Hexie BlogHop this Week

SewCalGal and other great quilters are having a blog hop this week with tutorials and projects to celebrate the release of a new book: Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts. And. . . there’s a prize at the end.


Here is the line up for this blog hop this week:

 June 3 Karen Griska (The Selvage Blog)
June 4 Susan Cleveland (BlackberryCreek)
June 5 Melinda Fulkerson at Melinda’s Blog
June 6 Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumblebeans Inc)
June 7 Sew Cal Gal (SewCalGal)
June 8 Kelly Jackson ( I Have A Notion)
June 9 Pat Sloan
June 10 Julia Wood  (Hexie Blog and Green Quilts)