Lovely Heart Quilts

I got a wonderful note and photos from Linda Erickson showing me more of her heart quilts. These baby quilts are as pretty as can be. She used the AccuQuilt GO! applique hearts and beautiful clear bright colors in these quilts. I could look at them all day. Linda has a Tiara quilting machine which is a longarm on a stationary table, so quilting is free-motion, but there’s lots of room and table for moving the quilt around. And the quilting designs are just perfect for these quilts.

Look at the binding on the second quilt. This is something I have done on scrappy quilts too. She has pieced the strips. Doesn’t it look nice? These beautiful quilts should inspire all of us to go through our stash and find the prettiest colors we have and make something beautiful.


Tomorrow, I will have another quilt show from Jeannie who has been making Quilts of Valor.



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  1. I follow you by email and when I first saw the title of your update, I thought it said, “Lonely Hearts.” I’m happy to see I misread the title because the two quilts really are lovely hearts. The quilting pattern that Linda chose for each of the quilts complements them perfectly. I love how she even quilted inside the heart shapes.

  2. Whaw really so amazing beautifull!
    Both quilts are so lovely 🙂
    And the binding from the second quilt is fantastic,
    a nice idea!
    It’s really inspiring me!
    I’m looking forward to the next quilt!

  3. These two quilts are wonderful! I love the quilting! But, it is the colors that make me smile. they are bright and happy, Thank you for sharing!

  4. I have done scrappy binding and it does add to the quilt. I love the top one -especially the lower middle heart. That fabric is soooooo pretty.

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