More Finishes

Here are some more quilt finishes. There are two Maverick Stars, one of which was quilted with my old machine and groovy boards and stylus and the new one quilted with the ProStitcher. They are alike except for the borders. I made them for my twin grandsons, but think they’re just not “boyish” enough for them, so will repurpose them where they will be appreciated more.

It feels soooooooooooooo good to get these quilted and out of the stack. In fact, there’s only one quilt left in my stack. Grandchildren are coming to visit for the rest of this week, so I will be quilting again next week.

7-IMG_4079 5-IMG_4077 8-IMG_4080 6-IMG_4078


 And here is one of the heart table toppers that I made last Spring and just now quilted with the new machine. This was done freehand, and I was just beginning to get a feel for the machine. 




And here’s another finish of a quilt that I made a couple of years ago just after I retired, but after it was done, I didn’t like it very much and could never figure out how I wanted to quilt it. But I decided on the Double Bubble pantograph and I think it looks great. 3-IMG_4056 199-IMG_4052 194-IMG_4047

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  1. Wow what talent. Can’t wait to do more when get better. Might not ever be able to quilt but will be able to piece. Thanke for sharing and teaching us all

  2. That quilting is beautiful! I love the double bubble panto, even though I don’t use pantos, I’m going to have to try this with FMQing. But I agree with Judy, you have great talent! Thanks for letting us in on it!

  3. Whaw it’s really amazing!
    Well done for your first time free quilting with your new machine!
    The quilts are so beautifull and also using beautifull colors!
    I wish you a lot of quilting-fun!

  4. Great job on all the quilts. So sorry your grandson’s don’t like the Maverick Stars. I think they are awesome. The feathers on the heart table topper make my heart sing. I love free-motion feathers. I have the double bubble panto and haven’t used it yet. You have given me inspiration.

  5. All of this work looks great – the tops, the quilting – love the geometric design over the stars, the feathers on the hearts, the Double Bubble on the wonky-Log Cabin – wow, you’ve got a whole pile of finishes to be proud of!!

  6. You are really making great use of your new machine. I love the loops on the heart quilt and the double bubble pattern you used. The Maverick Star quilts look great. I’m sure you’ll find a good use for them.

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