The more I do, the more I have to do

I have been so swamped with my Mom and my children that there has been no time to write. And this post is coming from my phone so it’s always an adventure.
I have had a summer of finishes and working on UFOs. I had these leftover 3inch squares from novelty fabrics and had even stitched some of them into nine patch blocks.
However after making more nine patch blocks I could not find a way to put them together into a quilt that I liked. Now I ask you–how hard is it to mAke a quilt with 9patch blocks. I must have been out of sorts or so something.
So I decided to add triangles. I have the Accuquilt 8″ half square triangle die so I cut the nine patch blocks to eight inches. That was better but not great. So after stitching three rows together I got very brave or brazen , not sure which, a d cut all the blocks to six inches. This is much better.
Interesting that taking pics with my phone is how I decided which layouts I didn’t like.
The big lesson here. Planning saves a lot of time and angst and not all scraps look good together in a quilt.



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  1. You made a wonderful quilt out of all those varied fabrics and that is hard to do. The triangles really helped pull the various blocks together and cutting down to a smaller size seems to have worked well for you. I love your problem solving ideas.

  2. That is a very nice looking quilt. And I really like the title of your post. It is so fitting for me today. I am cleaning out my sewing room and “the more I do, the more I “find” to do”! I do hope when (or if) I ever finish this , I will be able to sit and sew so much better!! Who knows maybe I will even finish a quilt for a change!

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    congratulations you made a wonderfull quilt with all the different fabrics
    but its a beautifull quilt and the colours fits exactly together!
    Well done and much sewing-quilting and embroidery fun!

  4. I think your quilt is great. Life can get over welmhing at times so take time for your self.
    Know what you mean by sometines being overwelmed with family and everything else and no timne to sew.
    Have you ever looked at the Missouri Quilt CO. web site and her videos, she makes patterns so simple. Give a look, we are having her for a guild meeting.
    When I don’t have tinme to sew it is fun to watch her vidos to keep enthused.
    She uses pre cuts but I just cut my own with my Accuquilt.
    I am making the Merry Go Round quilt but I am only using only one print per block it is QOV quilt so using patrotic fabric for the print. Her vidios are neat to watch.
    She has one for half square trangles I think can’t remember which one.

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