Planning a New Quilt

I am going to make two quilts in the next couple of weeks. One is for Gene Black’s Quilt Angels that provides quilts to young people who are in a shelter situation. The second is a quilt for the mother of my daughter’s friend Katie. Katie’s Mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery and chemotherapy beginning right away. I am asking your suggestions for Katie’s Mom’s quilt.

Katie and Em both thought pink would be the right color. And they thought the grandchildren could make handprints with paint on fabric to be part of the quilt. My suggestion was that they do the handprints on paper and let me make jpgs of them to print on fabric as that would hold up better than paint so the quilt can be machine washed.

This quilt will be a combination of blocks that include the blocks from the grandchildren. I have the wordcloud that I put on the mug rugs and the free breast cancer awareness ribbons embroidery. Here are some links to quilts I found:

This is a very nice quilt with pink ribbons.

And here’s a Pinterest board with lots of eye candy for pink ribbon quilts. 

And this is a search of all of Pinterest for breast cancer quilts.

What suggestions do you have for the quilt for Katie’s Mom?


Author: Marjorie Busby

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7 thoughts on “Planning a New Quilt”

  1. I really like the Breast Cancer Butterfly with the ribbon body. I am thinking you could adapt your ribbon embroidery and add wings. The wings would not need to be as complex as the ones in the picture.

    I would leave spaces near the handprints for each person to sign with a fabric paint marker.

  2. Marjorie, What ever you make she will love, when I went through chemo one thing I was always cold and she will know she is wraped in love.
    One thing I make for women going through treatment is a cap and tote bag from Lorlee’s fabric “On the Mend” fabric. They love the tote as they take it to treatment and can take a magazine, bottle of water etc. I have also gotten a pink snap front Sweat shirt and put her embriodery designs on it that match the fabric.
    They also enjoyed all the attention as everyone one wanted to know where they got it and where could they get one.It makes them fill special which they are.
    Good luck to your friend. I am proff she can survie this. Last time I got the fabric I found it on Ebay as not sure she still makes that line. Lorale is also a cancer survivor.

  3. My daughter was always freezing during her 4 times at chemo. Anything you make will be beautiful. People thinking of you at that time means a lot. She will love your choice.

  4. I made my sister a quilt with embroidered scriptures and also pieced blocks. I didn’t use batting, the backing was a fleece blanket. I did simple straight line quilting to keep it very soft and cozy. I wish I had made a matching tote which would have made it easier to carry to her treatments.

  5. I agree with you about printing the hand prints on fabric. Another option, if you want the children involved and depending on their ages, would be to let them use fabric markers to trace the outline and color inside the handprints. I think simple sashed blocks would make a lovely quilt.

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