Patience Corners Using a Nickel Square

Patience Corners is a great quilt because it can be made with any size square–right now I just happen to have an overabundance of 5 inch squares. And the sashing strips can be made any width too. There’s a tutorial here for the 6-1/2″ squares that is done in the format of a split nine patch. For the quilt for Quilt Angels project shown yesterday, each block had the sashing stitched to it rather than the method shown in the tutorial. Below are some block diagrams for the one using the smaller squares and cutting and stitching sashing strips. Either method works–and every quilt is different.

This is the completed square with sashing strips stitched individually to each focus fabric square. 

Patience corners square

This is the subunit for the block with two squares stitched together. Stitch all blocks together in twos like this.

Patience Corners block subunit

The next step is to stitch two subunits together to make a complete block.

Patience corners Block

After that just stitch the blocks and rows together to make a quilt top that is 53 x 67 inches. Patience corners quilt w-6.5in fin blocks2But even more than that, think of the possibilities. You can never get bored with this pattern. This would be a great place to use half square triangles, quarter square triangles, pinwheels, four patch squares, and nine patch squares. Another option would be to make the squares with a light and dark fabric and reverse the light and dark pieces on half the squares.

Here are some of the options I have in my EQ7 file:

Patience corners sashed
Patience corners sashed
Patience corners nine patch
Patience corners with nine patch and plain blocks alternating.

Patience corners half square triangles
Half Square triangles make beautiful butterflies.

Author: Marjorie Busby

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4 thoughts on “Patience Corners Using a Nickel Square”

  1. wow. And it is obvious that you could make these bigger to finish faster if needed. I see a lot of possibilities with these. I love the butterflies. My eye saw something else until I started mentally dissecting it. Then I lost the original vision I had. All of these are very cool ideas. I am sure I will play with this idea at some point in time.

  2. I loved the quilt when you posted it with the charm squares, but seeing it with nine patches and HST really is amazing. Sometimes the simplest patterns can have a great impact. Thank you for sharing the process.

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