Chevron Quilts – How Many Ways?

Happy Halloween. Five years ago today Ezri had the first of four surgeries to remove the large hypothalamic hamartoma (HH) brain tumor. She was 22 months old and just a baby. Because of the tumor she could not talk. However, the surgeons said that as they woke her up, she said words for the first time. Then in the ICU that night, she repeated the nurse’s name, Suzie. Except, she said “Suz”. That first 24 hours was a very long day and a very long night. Ezri is now in first grade and to most people, appears to be perfectly normal. What a miracle.

The question was recently asked on the accutquilters Yahoo group as to what AccuQuilt GO die to use to make a chevron quilt. Multiple answers were given. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to do a blog post to summarize some of the ways that one can make a Chevron quilt. However, I may have left something out, so please tell me if you know another way to make a Chevron quilt, and I will add it to the post.

edited to add suggestion of Flying Geese version too

Chevron Quilt made with Rail Fence Blocks

This is my favorite way to make a Chevron quilt because the blocks are square and the only intersections that have to match are the block intersections. I like to use a rectangle that is 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ and there is an AccuQuilt die that is that size. Another way to make this is to cut a 6-1/2″ strip across the width of fabric and fanfold that across the 3-1/2″ strip die. The width of fabric will yield approximately 11-12 rectangles.

Another option is the Super Zig quilt by Lecien fabrics. This is a free pattern and the chevron is vertical and uses 4-1/2 x 8-1/2″ rectangles.

Chevron Rail Fence
Rail Fence on Point

Chevron Quilt made with Quarter Square Triangles 

This is also a favorite of mine. It works especially well if you want a single row or two of zigzag on a quilt back. On the photo, the bias and straight edges of the triangles are marked. Some think this is harder to stitch because of the bias edges, but when the triangles are cut with the AccuQuilt GO quarter square triangle die (I have 4″, 6″, and 8″), the triangles fit together beautifully. I get a nice long strip of chevron and the long seams are on the straight grain, so they stitch together without any problem.

Chevron QST
Quarter Square Triangle Chevron Quilt

Chevron Quilt made with Flying Geese Rectangles

This is a great idea and is very similar to the Quarter Square Triangle Chevron quilt, except that the Flying Geese units are a little easier to work with. It is also easier because you can use half square triangles to end the rows.

Chevron Flying Geese Quilt

Chevron Quilt made with a Parallellogram  

I have not stitched a Chevron quilt using this shape, but it will work. There is an AccuQuilt die for a parallelogram and it should stitch together beautifully. Have you made a quilt with the parallelogram? How did it work for you?

Chevron parallellogram
Parallellogram Chevron Quilt

 Chevron Quilt made with Half Square Triangles 

All right, I know I’m going to get some Boos on this one :), but it’s my least favorite way to make a Chevron quilt. It looks beautiful when done as a scrappy quilt with all those beautiful half square triangles. Matching all those triangle corners is challenging for me even as much as I love stitching half square triangles together when they’re cut with a die cutter.

Chevron HST
Half Square Triangle Chevron Quilt


Chevron Quilt made with the Chisel Die

When this was mentioned by someone on the Yahoo group, I just had to cut some paper strips to try it out. I have used the Chisel Die to make French braid quilts, but have not used it to make a Chevron quilt. I had to see how it would work. As you can see, without the square in the middle, one gets an irregular zigzag, but it is a very nice effect and would be easy to stitch. The layout would be a little more challenging because the two “braids” are mirror images, so one would have to be careful with that. Have you made a Chevron quilt with the chisel die? I’d love to hear your experience with it.

Chevron Chisel
Chevron Quilt Made with a Chisel Die


Links for Chevron Quilt Patterns

Lightning Strikes

Super Zig Quilt

Scrumptious Scrappy Chevron Picnic Quilt (Moda Bakeshop)

11 Replies to “Chevron Quilts – How Many Ways?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the story of Ezri. With so many sad things in the world, it’s wonderful to hear when something turns out so well.

    I have admit, I only knew about 2 of the 5 ways you described to make a Chevron quilt. I love when Chevron quilts are made with bright colors against crisp white. As much as I love them, I have never made one. That will be a winter project.

  2. Wonderful story and a 5 year marker is fantastic. knnow how that feels. Thank you for showing ushow to make the chevron and sharing all you know.

  3. (((grin))) Ezri is an amazing miracle child. It is a blessing to hear her story as told by Grandmother.

    I have never made a Chevron quilt but my automatic thought was to use HSTs.

  4. Hi Marjorie,what a story but with a very happy end and thats the most beautifull and importing thing.
    I hope that Ezri may have all the best in the future!

    How coincidence but a few days ago, I have take my chisel-die to make a chevron quilt, I hope to cut a few in the weekend and then I can start with the chisels stitch together.
    So its very excited.
    Very nice that you give all the information to make a chevron quilt.

  5. Thanks for the blog on the chevron quilts! I think maybe (I haven’t drawn this out so not sure it would work) you could use flying geese instead of the half square triangles?? Glad that Ezri is doing well, enjoyed the story!

  6. While it probably isn’t amazing to you or Ezri’s parents, I’m absolutely amazed how much she has accomplished in these past five years. And, I attribute it to you and her parents for your continued support and encouragement. And, to her amazing doctors. I hope in five more years you will see even more amazing results and by another five you’ll not even think of Ezri has having to deal with HH. She is a wonderful little girl, about to blossom into a young lady.


  7. What a blessing for your family! So glad she is doing so well!

    Love the info on the Chevron Quilts. You must have known I was thinking of a rail fence.

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog. I got some great new ideas for how to use my dies!

  9. I hope you can understand this, I’m looking for a chevron pattern which looks like it’s not lined up right but is an obvious pattern. Like it was put together wrong but isn’t. Hope you can help.

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